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Phantom Pain


Phantom pain is one type of post elimination occurrence of psychological problem. It is painless phenomenon which is also known as Phantom limb sensation. It may be consist of feelings of cold, warmth, itchiness. Phantom pain is not a constant. The phantom pain is frequently involved arms and legs of patient. But sometimes, it also affect on face, trunk and many different part of body.

Causes of Phantom Pain

There are various causes are responsible for Phantom Pain;

  • Changes in nerve circuitry is the main cause of Phantom limb Pain.
  • Another cause of Phantom Pain is also includes Pain before amputation.
  • Sometimes, Blood clot is also responsible for Phantom Pain.
  • Neuroma is one of the main cause of Phantom Pain. A neuroma is a growth containing many nerve cells.
  • Phantom Pain may be also caused by some weather changes.
  • Another reason of Phantom Pain is pressure on the remaining part of the limb.
  • Occasionally, emotional stress is as well responsible for Phantom pain.

What are the symptoms of Phantom Pain?

  • Loss of sensation of movement is main symptom of Phantom Pain.
  • Signs of Phantom Pain are also includes loss of sensation of touch, temperature, pressure and itchiness.
  • Fatigue or tiredness is as well signs of phantom pain.
  • Discomfort ness is main symptom of Phantom limb pain.

Test and diagnosis of Phantom Pain

Method of diagnosis of Phantom Pain is mainly depend upon the symptoms and signs of Phantom Pain. Medical history is plays a major role in diagnosis of phantom limb pain. Description of patient's pain is also useful for detecting this type of pain. Physical history of patient is also helpful for detecting this type of pain. Several medical tests are available for testing of Phantom Pain.

Treatments for Phantom Pain

  • Antidepressants is also effective medicine for treatment of phantom pain.
  • Phantom Pain is also treated by taking Narcotics medicine.
  • Antiepileptics medicine is used for reducing Phantom limb pain.
  • Electrical stimulation is also useful in treatment for Phantom Pain.
  • Phantom Pain is also treated by massage therapy.
  • There are also available non-surgical treatment such as pharmalogical techniques, mirror box for Phantom Pain.
  • Acupuncture is one of the therapy using for curing Phantom Pain.

Prevention of Phantom Pain

Medicines given instantly before or after an amputation to support avoid phantom pain. There are two drugs which are mostly used for preventing Phantom pain;

  1. Ketamine is the anesthetic type of drug which is used for preventing phantom pain.
  2. Calcitonin is also useful for providing relief from Phantom pain.