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Primary Progressive Aphasia


Primary progressive aphasia is brain disorder. Due to this primary progressive aphasia many problems are occur like problems in speaking, saying, repeating the word, reading and writing. Primary progressive aphasia caused by brain cell degeneration. Primary progressive aphasia is a form of dementia. The primary progressive aphasia also related with other disorders like alzheimer's disease and frontotemporal dementia which are related with front and temporal part of the brain. Primary Progressive Aphasia is also called as simply PPA. It is one type of language based dementia. PPA is rare type of mental disorder.

Causes of Primary Progressive Aphasia

  • The primary progressive aphasia caused due to the many interacting factors according to experts.
  • Primary progressive aphasia caused due to the degeneration of brain cells.
  • Contraction of the brain's language center is main cause of primary progressive aphasia.
  • PPA is as well caused by reduced brain activity and blood circulation of the brain.

Symptom of Primary Progressive Aphasia

The symptoms of the primary progressive aphasia are as follows;

  • Difficulty in finding the word
  • Repetition of the word
  • Unable to write and speak
  • Difficulty in doing the mathematical calculation
  • Complexity in conservation

Diagnosis of Primary Progressive Aphasia

  • The scanning technique help to find out the shrinkage of brain which affects to the language problem.
  • Neurological examination is important in diagnosis of primary progressive aphasia.
  • Psychiatric and language evaluation are carried out for detecting PPA.
  • Blood test is helpful in testing of some disorders such as infections, vitamin deficiency, thyroid disorder etc.
  • CT scan and MRI scan are used in getting image of brain which is used for testing of Primary Progressive Aphasia.

Treatment of Primary Progressive Aphasia

There are no specific drugs are available for PPA treatment;

  • Treatment of PPA is alert on make worse language skill.
  • Some treatment of PPA is consisting of communication approaches such as communication notebook, use of drawing, use of signals, computerized devices etc.
  • Sometimes, Alzheimer's drugs are used for treatment of Primary Progressive Aphasia.
  • Proper care according to doctor’s guidance of patients is very important for treatment of PPA.