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Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS)


Post Concussion Syndrome is also known as postconcussive syndrome. The traumatic brain injury is a type of concussion which occurs due to blow to the head. The post concussion causes to the headache, dizziness. Due to the post concussion syndrome the changes are done in the personality, mood and inability to interact with social work.

In female percentage of post concussion syndrome is more than in male. it causes in between the age of 15 to 34 year. The 20% football players causes this post concussion syndrome. In North America 2 million people suffers from the PCS in a year.

Causes of Post Concussion Syndrome

The researchers fail to understand the main reason of post concussion syndrome occurs in some people and why not in other people.

  • The main cause of post concussion syndrome is due to brain structure damage.
  • Many physiological effects and emotional reactions of brain causes to the post concussion syndrome.
  • Age is main important risk factor which causes to the post concussion Syndrome.

Symptoms of Post Concussion Syndrome

  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Problems in concentration
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Problem in vision
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Numbness
  • Rapid mood swing.

Diagnosis of Post Concussion Syndrome

  • The diagnosis of PCD take place with the help of DSM-IV lists criteria in people which suffered a head trauma having persistent post-traumatic amnesia, loss of consciousness and post-traumatic seizures.
  • Neuropsychological tests are also help in diagnosis of post concussion syndrome.
  • CT scan and MRI scan are also done to find the internal bleeding.
  • Some tests are used to check the memory capacity.

Treatment of Post Concussion Syndrome

There is a less possibility of to cure the post concussion syndrome. The specific treatment is unknown to the post concussion syndrome.

  • The regular exercise help to disappear the some syndrome.
  • You can treat the headache by regular checking from doctor and taking some pain killer to reduce the headache symptom.
  • Several type of therapy may help you to recover and make some active.
  • To depress the symptoms like depression, insomnia, irritability, anxiety may be reduce by taking antidepressant.

Preventions of Post Concussion Syndrome

There are some preventive measure which may help you to prevent the post concussion syndrome. They are as follows -

  • While riding the bike wear the helmet which can reduces the head injury.
  • Safety belts also help to prevent the head trauma during driving a car.
  • While driving the vehicles carefully help to you prevent the accident also prevent from PCS.

What is the prognosis of Post Concussion Syndrome?

There is a less assurance of result in post concussion syndrome. The cognitive functional changes, subjective symptoms are determine through the patient recovery. Longer period is taken by the adult people to recover the injury. Craniosacral therapy help to decrease the some symptoms. The post concussion syndrome case create the disturbances in the family. Many people recover in 3 months but it is depends on the type of injury.