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Bullycide is a Serious Problem


What is bullycide about?

Bullycide is a form of suicide that involves bullying. This occurs when a child ends up committing suicide due to the fact that one is being bullied. This is a very serious concern that can involve children who are harming themselves because they feel that they will not be likely to go forward in life due to the pain that they experience.

Some are easily bullied

A big point about bullycide is that it is more common in some people who are bullied than others. This is especially among gay teens in recent years. This comes from the hostile attitudes that many bullies have had that can suggest that it is okay to make fun of people who are different from them.

This is why many campaigns have been formed over time. These include campaigns that encourage children to develop self esteem and to think positively of themselves. This is so a child will have an easier time with feeling comfortable about what one is doing in life.

Signs of being likely to commit bullycide

There are many signs that can suggest that a child could be more likely to commit bullycide. A child who is being bullied can be seen as one that is becoming more withdrawn from other people and is frequency upset and sad over life. A person who also talks down to oneself can also be someone who may be more likely to deal with this concern.

There are also concerns about the physical pains that might be involved with bullying. Sometimes physical pains are created as a means of trying to take one’s mind off of the shame and harassment involved with bullying. This can cause a child to end up being more likely to feel depressed and suicidal. This can easily be the most notable sign of a person who is more likely to commit suicide as a result of bullying.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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