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Military Bullying


What does it entail?

Military bullying is a form of bullying where people in the military can be harassed or abused in various ways. This is often seen as a cruel way to treating people who are honorably serving their countries and can impact these people in a number of negative ways.

It often entails name-calling and hostile attitudes towards individual people. It can also involve some cases where people are being hurt or physically abused. These are often points that can keep people in the military from wanting to serve their countries and may cause them to want to get out of service.

Who can engage in it?

The people who can engage in military bullying can vary. Sometimes the individual people who have enlisted in the military can bully each other. This is often a common point that can occur because some people in the military might come from completely different parts of a country where different values and concepts are used.

There are also some cases where this bullying can occur from people in higher ranks. This is often the case when it comes to training and other exercises.

Is it right?

Some people have argued that military bullying is fine. This is because they think it will work to strength a person from a mental and physical standpoint. The training that a person gets with these points in mind can be used to get a person to become stronger and more likely to handle difficult situations.

The problems involved

It is still important for bullying on a military base to be stopped. This is because there are many cases where people might harm themselves as a result of bullying. There are also cases where people might want to attempt to leave the military before a service term ends because of the bullying. This can keep a military outfit from working as well as it should be.

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