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Support kids who are bullied


As a parent you would never like your child for being a bully or being bullied. But the facts remains alarming with more than 50% of the kids involved in bullying, either as a bully or as a person bullied or as vitness. There is a high chance that you need to deal with it.

If your child or your loved one is being bullied, you can help definitely.

How to support kids who are bullied?

As a parent, the kid migh tell you about his or her feelings or they can share it with someone they trust. You need to put down your own feelings and actually listen what is being told by your child. You need to tell them again the things the kid have told you - verbatim. You need to ask your child "how they want you to take this forward".

Support your child and assure that this is none of their faults and tell them there are many celebrities who are bullied in the past. If you were being bullied, you can even share your experiences with them. You need to remind yourself that bullied kids cannot talk about it. You might be needing help from school counselor, psychologist, etc.

Work along with your child to find the resolution to the situation and protect the bullied child. Open up with the bullied kid to helm them understand that you are committed to help and going to stop the bullying for them.

How schools can help?

Almost all the schools are legally bound to have an anti-bullying policy. There is a group of children in school wh act as peer mentors, supporters, counsellors, etc. while in primary schools. These kids help the bullied child and can act as their buddies in school and playground.

As a parent, you should be ready to approach the school for the resolution of the issue. You need to have a list of all the facts. You need to capture in a diary all the events of bullying. Capture all the details of what had happened, who were involved and who were present. Is it a series of events and did it occured in past as wel. These things will help you capture your thoughts and structure your actions better in front of schools.

What you can do as a bullied person?

1. You need to Walk away from the bully, as the bullying is happening.

2. Don’t react with anger or retaliate with physical force.

3. After walking away ignore them and assertively tell - not interested.

4. Protect yourself from any physical hurt or trauma. Keep safety as the first in the list of priorities.

5. You should report bullying to a trusted adult - yur teacher, parent, coach, etc. Not reporting bullying is going to increase it further.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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