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Relationship Bullying


What is Relationship Bullying?

Relationship bullying is a form of bullying that goes from one person to another. This kind of relationship can involve a person being controlled over another person who is acting as the bully. This is a relationship concern that can strain a relationship between two people to where it will be very difficult to handle.

How is Relationship Bullying caused?

Relationship bullying is caused by a number of factors. It is often caused by a series of beliefs that a person might have towards someone else. It might also involve the way how one person in a relationship might have a greater sense of power over the other. This could cause the person in the relationship who does not have as much power to feel helpless over the relationship and how it is being operated.

There is also a potential that relationship bullying can occur from a sense of dislike towards one another. This hostility can easily keep a relationship from being a productive one.

How to control it

A case of relationship bullying can be controlled. It will help to seek counseling between the victim and the person who is bullying the other. This can be used as a means of trying to get a sense of understanding to go between the two parties. This includes reviewing the ways how the people are being treated and how they feel they are being handled in a relationship.

Also, it might help for the two people in the hostile relationship to spend some time apart from each other for a period of time. This might help to give the two people in the relationship an understanding of what is going on in the relationship and an ability to get the problem resolved over time. Sometimes a little time apart might be all that a person needs for the concern to be covered.

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