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Emotional Bullying


A unique type of abuse

Emotional bullying is a form of abuse where a person is being subjected to bullying actions that might involve mental anguish and distress. This can be used to not physically harm a person but to make the person who is being insulted feel guilty and upset about oneself. This is a real concern that should be understood when in any kind of relationship where emotions can run high.

Common actions

The emotional bullying that a person can go through can occur in many ways. For example, emotional bullying can occur as a result of jealous actions. This could involve a person trying to act in an unusual way as a means of getting back at someone who acts with a proper and good manner in mind. This is a point that suggests that a person might feel hostile towards someone.

Actions that try to suggest that a person is dominant over the other can be actions that relate to emotional bullying. This can cause a person to feel worthless.

There are even cases where words can be emotionally harmful. These words can easily cause a person to feel insulted and unwelcome in any relationship.

Who abuses people?

The signs of a person who commits this bullying can be easy to notice. A person who engages in emotional bullying is often someone who will have mood swings that can change in a dramatic period of time. Also, a person who bullies people like this might be someone who is very suspicious and hostile towards all sorts of people.

Some people who engage in antisocial behaviors might also participate in emotional bullying. This is because these people are going to feel that others are not very friendly and that they should not have any rights. A person who exhibits antisocial tendencies is more likely to engage in emotional bullying.

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