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What a bully does?

There are many things that a person who acts as a bully will do. Bullies tend to abuse other people that they do not know very well. They will abuse people by insulting them, calling them names and yelling at them for things that they might not be able to control. These are all done as a means of trying to get a little more power over other people.

Signs to review

There are many ways how a person can tell if someone is bullying other people. For example, a person who is a bully is someone who might be interested in violent behaviors. This includes thinking that violence is a good way to handle different kinds of issues.

Also, a person who bullies people can be someone who has a strong desire to control different situations. This includes cases where a person might try to feel hostile and want to take over anything that is going on in some case or different area.

There are also some people who tend to talk their way out of difficult problems or try to get their way in all sorts of styles no matter what needs to be done. A person who refuses to lose at anything and wants to control the way how things can work out for that person can be a bully.

Intervening is important

Sometimes the best thing to do in order to get a bully to stop is to intervene in the problem. This includes creating a zero tolerance plan for bullying and to ensure that there are no excuses involved at any point in time.

Also, it will help to stay involved with the life of a person who is dealing with bullying activities. This is needed to help with ensuring that a person will be treated fairly and to see that nothing wrong will happen.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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