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Three common types of Bullying


Verbal bullying

There are many cases where bullying can occur. One of the main types of bullying is that of verbal bullying. There is where a person is harassed verbally. This bullying can involve name-calling, constant insults, derogatory remarks and even some cases where a person can be made fun of in a sexist, racist or homophobic manner. This is a common form of bullying because practically anyone can verbally communicate with other people in a hostile manner.

This form of bullying has become especially common in the online world. The open world of the internet has made it easier for people to commit acts of verbal bullying.

Emotional bullying

Another of the types of bullying involves emotional bullying. This is where a person is left out of different social situations. It can also include cases where a person is being impacted by various false rumors that are being spread around. This can be a difficult concern that should be addressed as soon as possible if it is going to be stopped.

This is a form of bullying that is also spreading its way to the online world. Emotional bullying can occur online when stories about a person are being spread through all sorts of social networking outlets. The worst part about this is that it can be hard to control.

Physical bullying

One common point of bullying involves physical bullying. This is where a person is being hurt physically by other people on a consistent basis. This can include bullies hitting a person, spitting on a person or even damaging personal belongings that a person has. These actions can be damaging because they can hurt and cause a person to feel unwelcome. The worst part about this type of bullying is that it can often occur without any reason whatsoever from the people who are bullying a victim.

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