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How to Stop Bullying at the spot?


What if the kid you bullied at school, grew up, and turned out to be the only surgeon who could save your life? Hard price to pay for Bullying!
Strong, consistent and hard massage from adults about bullying can help in prevention/control of bullying. Strong resistance from the responsible people can stop bullying right on the spot where it is happening and it will keep the kids safe and bully proof.

Basic tips to follow for Avoiding Mistakes

1. It should not be ignored and remember that kids cannot work on it on their own. It is a complex issue which needs spot cure as well as long term cure.

2. Always talk to the kids involved separately and talk with everyone involved right from Bully, to bullied kid to spectators.

3. The kid who is bullying should not be dealt with at the spot with criticism and do not pose threatening questions and statements to him/her. They should not be asked to apologize and patch up right at the spot.

4. Do not expect the spectators to tell you in front of everyone about the events occured. They might not be comfortable talking. Instead, ask to everyone in confidence and separate from group.

5. No question should be asked to kids who are involved in the group.

Who can help from Bullying at the spot?

Almost everyone involved and surrounding the child while he/she is bullied can be helpful. right on the spot. The parents, school staff, teachers, and organizations, etc. have different role to play in this situation. It is more of an education in schools and other medium of interaction with children, that we can imbibe this moral of saying no to bullying.

Everyone should be aware that bullying as an act will not be tolerated at any level and it is taken really seriously by the school administration.

Control your policies on Bullying and reporting of bullying. Students and teachers will not be reporting bullying cases if they fear about suspension and expulsion.

Once the issue of Bullying is controlled, keep on following up. Let's say, after few weeks of no bullying incidence or recurrance, continue to find ways to help bullied child.

Some Do's on the spot for Bullying

1. Jump in immediately if you witness bullying and take help from other adult or person.

2. Make the kids involved as bully and bullied, separate and ensure all the secure and safe.

3. Address any immediate medical or mental condition needs. Ask the person to stay calm and assure about the safety. This has to be done for both bullied person as well as spectators. Go for police/medical professional help quickly, if you vitness use of weapons, hear threats or serious physical injury.

4. Ensure you have a school’s anti-bullying policy displayed properly and prominiently in the common locations of the schoo.

5. Do not argue with anyone and show/model respectful behaviour.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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