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Reporting Cyberbullying


Cyberbullying is dangerous and it can impact your child or student in ways which are permanant in nature and would be very complicated to handle. There are some guidelines which you should follow to check that the damage is not done in any of the ways by the use of internet and other information technology tools by your kids.

When to report Cyberbullying?

You need to report cyberbullying to Law Enforcement agencies when you witness cyberbullying and it involves criminal activities. The folowing activities can be defined as a crime and they should be immediately reported to law enforcement agencies -

1. Threats of violence and extortion
2. Child pornography
3. Sending sexually explicit messages
4. Sending sexually explicit Photos
5. Taking photo or video without permission where the person needs privacy
6. Stalking and hate crimes

You need to consult your local country or state laws to assit and provide additional information and guidance.

Steps to report Cyberbullying

1. Do not respond to and do not forward cyberbullying messages.

2. Keep a copy of them as evidence of cyberbullying.

3. Keep a record of the date, time, content, description, instances, occurances of all such cyberbullying instances.

4. Save or print the screenshots, emails, and text messages.

5. You can block the person who is doing the acts against your child or against you.

5. Place the computer in your home at a public place and not in the private area of the home for the kids to check on their own.

6. Be aware of the online life of your child and act responsibly and reasonably.

7. You should start talking to them about privace and other important issues and train them the importance of keeping privacy as their top priority while doing anything online.

8. Educate them to keep their passowrds safe and secure.

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