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What Makes a Serial Bully?


What does a bully do?

A serial bully is a type of person who tends to try and constantly harass or offend people by trying to become more dominant and controlling over people. There are many signs that can suggest that a person may be a serial bully. These points show just how a bully like this can be harmful to the lives of others.

A constant liar

First, a serial bully can be a person who tends to lie often. A person like this can tend to be charming enough to try and get one’s way by telling lies and controlling the ways how people think. This can include trying to get people to believe that something is really happening when it is not. A big point about a serial bully is that this kind of person could easily try to make up different stories solely for one’s own personal gain at a given time.

Troubles with emotions and feelings

There is also the concern about how a serial bully might be someone who is emotionally challenged and may have different emotional responses to different things. A person who is a serial bully can have immature reactions to different events and may feel more likely to discriminate people because of who they are. This is especially the case when a person is very different from someone else.

Conflicts are created by the serial bully

There is also the point how a serial bully will try to create disputes and conflicts between people. This includes trying to get arguments set up between not only the bully and a victim but also two independent people who have nothing in common with that person. This is an interesting point that can be found in a serial bully because it can suggest that the bully is someone who will try to make the lives of other people miserable by trying to harm relationships that people have with one another.

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