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Family Bullying


It happens all the time

Family bullying is bullying that goes on between two or more family members. It is often a case where a person is being mistreated and abused for various reasons. It can be done out of fun in some cases but in others it might be because certain family members might disapprove of some of the things that one family member engages in. This is a difficult and problematic concern that needs to be reviewed.

Not your problem

The most important thing to know about family bullying is that it is not the fault of the person who is being bullied. It is simply a reaction that often occurs as a result of conflicting feelings towards people and how they might not feel comfortable with certain people in all cases. Family members might be upset with some others as a result of the anger that surrounds them. These are problems that could influence the ways how someone acts and feels about other people.

Be assertive

It helps to be a little more assertive when trying to deal with family bullying. Just because a person who is being problematic is a member of the family does not mean that the problem has to be as bad as it could be. It will be important to see that the person in a family is being addressed in a stern manner. This can be used to show that a person who is being victimized by family bullying is serious about getting this problem to end.

It might help to be loud and intimidating without being violent or overly upset. Addressing the family member or members who are engaging in family bullying in this way can help to keep the problem from being any worse than what it could already be and just might get them to stop this problem once and for all.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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