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How to Know if it is Bullying?


Bullying has its own warning signs and indicative points which precisely tells that there is bullying behaviour involved wither as a bully or person bullied. You need to identify and recognize these signs. Not many children being bullied ask for help.

Signs a Child is Being Bullied

You need to look for changes in the child. Some of the signs and symptoms in bullied children are as follows:

- They have Unexplainable injuries

- They have either lost or destroyed belongings such as stationary, jewellery, books, etc.

- Headaches or stomach aches, faking illness are few things they will say and do to avoid school or classes where bullying happened.

- Cannot eat properly and they either skip meals or they binge eat. They many a times do not eat lunch in school and return hungry from school.

- They cannot sleep properly and often have nightmares.

- Reduced grades, performance, homework quality are some of the academic impacts because of bullying.

- They might feel helpless and have low self confidence.

- Thinks abut running away from home, and talks about suicide as well.

Signs that the Child is Bullying Other kids

There are similar typical symptoms for the kids who are bullies. They include getting into petty fights or verbal spats, very aggressive, often goes to principal's office or detention room, have unexplained extra money or new belongings, blame others and do not take responsibility. They are worried a lot abut their reputation or popularity in the school.

Where Bullying Behaviors Take Place

Identify the place where Bullying takes place. These places are generally secluded from adult presence perspective. Bullying typically happens during the school day and after school hours. It can happn anywhere in the school premises like classes, halls, podium, bathrooms, cafeteria, etc. It can happen in outdoor area as well such as bus stops, play area, buses, gym, etc. If the adult supervision is less, bullying behaviour seems to flourish there.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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