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What is Sexting?


Sexting is a way of teasing, bullying, which is growing since last 4-5 years since the advent of smart phones or mobile phones. Sexting is name given to the illicit act of passing on sexually explicit text messages or multimedia messages to the other person. The main tool to use sexting is mobile phones. This word started it's appearance in the later part of the first decade of 21st century. It was listed in the dictionary in the year 2012. It is a world wide issue and it has shown its presence in countries like United States, UK, Australia, Canada, etc. It is also growing its occurance in developing countries like India and China since last few years.

Growing issue of Sexting

The latest technology and innovations has led to newer ways of social interaction and this has led to Sexting getting it's presence shown all across the world. The messages which has sexually explicit content (text/image based messaging) is distributed among the peer group or course mates or other people using mobile phones, emails, or networking website. Sometimes the sexting is done publically with the intent of displaying the content for everyone to see and react.

The latest technology has enabled sharing of images and video using very little cost and effort. This has led to sexting getting popular as a low cost no hassle quick way to display sexual behaviour and lust. There is a strong desire in people who do sexting to use the free SMS plans where they can send unlimited sexually explicit messages. Extensive popularity and use of SMS by young adults have further enhanced this issue.

Although there are definite negative sentiments associated with sexting, many young couples or partners choose to do sexting as a way of showing affection and inclination towards sexual behaviour or acts. According to a sample study conducted, more than about 50% of sample group exchanged sexually explicit content with their partners at least once, more than a quarter of them have done this quite occasionally.

Positive side of Sexting - Does it has any?

Sexting as an act has become popular in current society. In a romantic relationship, sexting act as a way of enhances satisfaction and gratification. It tends to rekindle the spark of love and affection among couples who have been together since long and trying to rediscover themselves. It is like a win win situation for people who whant to get the sexual ties more satisfying with mutual agreement and display of affection through sexually explicit texting. It can also be a mechanism of harmony between freinds acting as a way of sharing jokes and having moments of fun and bonding. Sexting can also act as a way of increasing the buffer for getting physically intimate in a casual relationship.

Dangers of Sexting

1. Sexting can spread like fire due to the availability of technology and social networks. It poses a very high social danger. Even the originator cannot control the spread of this in anyway.
2. The photos and information thus shared using sexting can be used by illicit people for blackmail or making notorious.
3. People, specially young adults are highly vulnerable at schools, collages, workplaces, etc. where they can be targets of sexting based blackmail. These people tend to become socially detached and some lea themselves to depression.

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