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School Bullying


A common problem in school

School bullying is a concern that is experienced on a daily basis in many schools. This is where a person harassed other people in a school setting. The bullying can occur as a means of insulting or mistreating a student. It is often caused by students who want to pick on other students who are different from them. It is especially done by students as a means of trying to get some kind of power over different students that they feel cannot defend themselves.

The effects are important

There are many effects that can be caused by school bullying. A student who is being bullied can have a tough time with controlling one’s emotions. A student can also develop emotional reactions that might cause the bullying to become worse over time.

There are some cases where a student might begin to feel angry. This can include problems where a student may not be able to control one’s anger well enough.

Anxiety and depression are also common effects of school bullying. These are caused by the fear of being bullied and the feelings of being useless that can be created when one is being bullied.

What can be done?

There are a number of things that should be done in order to keep bullying from being a problem. For example, it will help for parents to notify the parents of a bully and school staff to ensure that a bullying intervention can occur. This can work to help control the actions that a bully is engaging in so that person will not try to engage in any further bullying actions later on in time.

Also, it will help for parents to control bullying by talking with a school about how different programs can work to keep bullying from becoming a common problem in a school. This can include talking with teachers about bully prevention seminars and assemblies on how to control bullying and what to do when a bully strikes.

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