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Four Common Myths About Bullying


Social skills are problematic

There are several myths that people like to believe about bullying. However, these are all simple fabrications. The first myth about bullying is that bullies do not have good social skills. The truth is that many bullies are ones that can easily communicate with others and can be very popular among their peers. In fact, some bullies might work together towards some victims.

Is aggressiveness common?

There is also the belief that students are not going to be easily aggressive. The truth is that students are becoming more aggressive than ever before. It is a realistic concern that can easily influence a victim’s life because it may involve physical pain or emotional anguish as a result of the bullying. This is often due to anger towards some students or hostility towards their own personal lives.

Isolated incidents

Another point is that serious problems that involve bullying are not isolated. Some people like to believe that bullying incidents are often isolated and are not going to be very harmful to some places. However, the truth is that people who are bullied tend to be more likely to be hostile and upset than others who are not. This is a concern that can influence the way how a child acts over time because any child can get into serious problems when it comes to bullying.

Bullies are tough to find

The last of the myths on bullying involves the way how some bullies can be easy to find. The truth is that people who act as bullies can come from all walks of life. The tough looking person is not always going to be the bully in a situation. Anyone can easily get into bullying activities as long as one feels like doing so. This is a serious risk because practically anyone can get into bullying and become hostile towards other people.

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