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Partner Bullying


What is Partner Bullying about?

Partner bullying is a form of bullying where a person who is in a romantic or business relationship with someone else is being the bully of the relationship. This is something that might suggest that one is not being treated properly or with the care that one deserves to get when trying to do anything in a good relationship.

There are many ways how partner bullying can occur. It can occur from a person who is in a romantic relationship with someone. It can also occur when a person is trying to get into a business deal with another person. These are cases where it can be a real challenge to get a relationship to work as well as it should.

What can occur?

The bullying that occurs can be difficult. For example, partner bullying might involve a person forcing someone to spend more money or effort on something than what is needed. Another part of partner bullying involves constant name calling without any reason as to why it is taking place. There is even the potential for this bullying to involve some hostile attitudes with regards to a person’s actions by blaming that person for things one was not responsible for. This is regardless of how irrational some kind of accusatory behavior can be.

It should be stopped

The best way to stop partner bullying is to consider calling an end to the relationship. Sometimes it is best for a person who is being bullied to get out of a relationship before it can turn more hostile or depressing. It is best to do this because it might help to keep a person from suffering from physical abuse or pains as a result of partner bullying. It should especially work if the person feels that there is no way how the bullying case can be controlled.

Sometimes crying or laughing
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