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Preventing Cyberbullying


Cyberbullying is the bullying using the new Information Technology as the means of bullying behavior. It includes the use of internet, computer, mobile technology, social network, messages, to bully the other person. With the latest advancement in technologies in recent times, cyber bullying is spreading in the society and has become increasingly common in teenagers. It is tough for the person to evade or move away from cyberbullying since it can happen 24 by 7 in this internet world and the sufferer can never feel complexly safe even in the confines of his/her home.

Some of the ways in which Cyberbullying can be prevented is as follows:

1. Establish Rules about the use of Technology and there should be written rules about the same. There should be appropriate use of personal computers, personal cell phones, and other technology areas. Educate about and share things like how to be safe online, how to identify problem areas, restrict browsable websites, how to share and what to share online, etc.

2. Educate the kids on how to keep their passwords safe and encourage them not to share anything personal in nature on the social networking sites. Be very selective in the information shared and who should be able to view this information.

3. Install some parental control software and monitoring programs to check the kids online activities and behaviour. Keep a check on the messages they send and receive on their mobiles and the sites they browse.

4. Report any Cyberbullying instance on your kids to Online Service Providers. Cyberbullying directly violates the policies of the current set of networking sites and the person who is doing can be blocked.

5. You can even visit social media safety centers to learn and educate yourself on the controlled usage of prevention and safely tools available in current scenarios. Remember this section is constantly updated by the companies and needs recurring education.

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