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Mobile Phone Bullying is a New Bullying Problem


What is this form of bullying about?

It seems that many new forms of technology are being used by bullies for harassing people. This can especially be said for mobile phones. Mobile phone bullying is a difficult problem that may end up causing a child to become depressed over time. This is especially problematic because mobile phone bullying can occur anywhere.

This is a form of bullying that involves harassing someone over a mobile phone. This often occurs when a bully finds one’s cell phone number.

What messages can be sent?

There are many things that can happen in mobile phone bullying. For example, a bully might send hostile or hateful text messages to someone. These include insults and profane language. The fact that this is nonverbal makes it easy for these to be sent around. Some bullies might even send pictures or videos that are harassing in nature. The fact that mobile phones can handle these features has made it so people are going to be easily insulted or influenced by messages that can come from these phones.

It can be controlled

There are some ways how a person can stop mobile phone bullying. The first thing to do is to ensure that one never gives out one’s mobile phone number. Also, a person can avoid this by making sure that a bully is not called in any way. A bully could easily look up the number that was dialed to that phone.

It also helps to think about the messages that a phone gets. Some phones can block messages from people who send them through certain phones. This can help to block bullying messages.

The last option to use involves switching one’s number altogether. This is provided that the bullying is not stopping and needs to be controlled in some way before it can get to be any worse than it already has been.

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