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What is hazing?

Hazing is a practice where a person or a group of people are bullied and harassed in various ways by another group. This is a form of bullying that involves the process of getting a person to become initiated into some kind of group.

This is a practice that is often involved in colleges. Many Greek-letter fraternities and sororities use hazing in their practices. Some military groups and even some special types of independent clubs or gangs can use hazing practices.

How it can occur

Hazing can occur in all sorts of different ways. The key is that a group will only accept a person as a member of that person goes through all of the hazing rituals that it has placed out.

The hazing rituals can come in many forms. For example, hazing might involve a person being spanked with a paddle a number of times. This is a strong form of physical abuse.

Hazing can also involve a person having to work as a slave of sorts to another person in a group. This can often occur with some disturbing acts in mind in some cases.

There are even cases where a person might be subjected to public humiliation by being forced to do something embarrassing in a public area. This can include different activities that could be done while naked.

Prevention is critical

It is important to see that hazing can be stopped before it can get worse than it already is. Many different organizations have been devoted to stopping hazing. For example, many colleges have placed strong controls on their Greek-letter organizations by issuing punishments to those that engage in hazing.

Also, many businesses and other clubs are controlling initiation procedures to make them more appropriate and positive to ensure that group-building is the key. These are used to keep new members from feeling unwelcome in a new place.

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