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Time Management Activity


Time Management is an art or a technique which can be learned by either practicing or by educating yourself with suitable activites and literature. The study material can sometimes be very boring. The best way is to do some activities which can help you attain the skill of time management in a fun way.

Here are some of the practical activities to improve your time management skills. You should be commited to make a difference and do some action for improving the time management skills. Some of the techniques involve - prioritising things, doing the delegation of your work, taking control of your environment, etc. You can be more predictable of your time if you can control your habits, routines and nature.

Some practive activities for Time Management

Follow the urgent and important time management matrix

The decision of whether an imminent activity is important or urgent or both, can be very crucial in saving or wasting time. The people who are worst of time keepers or time organizers, waste their time in activities which are neither important nor urgent.

There are tasks which are very important and urgent as well. They need to be picked up first and they lay the foundation of a person being very effective and productive.

The dollar activity

Prepare a group of people and tell everyone that they have $86,400.00 to spend in whatever way they want to send them. There are few conditions on this though. 1 - They should use all of what they have and 2 - They cannot save the money in any type of bank or securities. After this, they can list the things down which they will do with the money. Then all the participants can discuss the things. After this, tell the participants that we have 86400 seconds in a day which we have to spend wisely and we cannnot save them anywhere. This is the whole benefit of the exercise to tell the importance of time.

The Delegation Activity

This is a delegation exercise which will help us know how to effectively delegate. Let us assume that you finally got a person as an assistant. This person will do whatever you want him to do. Now it's time for you to start learning delegation of tasks which were earlier done by you.

Now the participants can role play as the assistant and the boss. The boss will assign the tasks to the assistant and then they can exchange their roles.