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Time Management Schedule


Time analysis can be done in several ways. One way is to total the categories and see how much time you spend in various areas such as personal time, telephone calls, conferences and individual discussions. You can then examine how you allocate time to functional areas, and you can also analyze the flow of activities. This includes a study of the time taken up by interruptions. Next, your time can be divided into four categories: creative, preparatory, productive and overhead. Creative time is the time devoted to planning future activities. Preparatory time is time spent in setting up activities, such as gathering facts. Productive time is time actually spent doing the job. Overhead time is spent on correspondence and reports.
In analyzing your use of time, researchers recommends asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Should anybody be doing this activity at all? Does it serve any purpose? (For example, do you really need to meet with your subordinates every morning?)
  2. If an activity needs to be done, should I be the one doing it? If a subordinate can do it equally well, why not delegate?
  3. If I should do it myself, can it be done in less time? How?
  4. Do I keep punctually to my time schedules, or do I Waste time with my subordinates?
  5. Do I keep my overhead duties handy, so that I can do them while waiting for telephone callers to get on the line or for visitors to show?