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Where does the time go? Do you know the answer, well in some cases you can say yes, but in more complex cases, you can never tell where it fly. Now how to capture this issue and learn on where your own time flies away?

Whether you want to know the time spent on acticities for calculating how much you have to pay to a vendor, or you just want to know how your day was spent 2 days back, you can answer these question by using a good time management software.

Time Management Software options

Below are some of the software which can give you the best of time management features and and benefits:

1. Klok - This is a lightweight software used to tracking the time and tasks. Here you can create the prokect and task hierarchies, complete them and manage them. You can also allot the tasks and then track the time spent on these tasks by drag ad drop actions. It is simple to use and adapt as well.

2. Manic Time - Manic time help people by allowing them to quickly enter the tracking information about the task completion. Generaly, people fear of spending quite a lot of time in feeding information in the tracking software rather than doing the actual task. One can use the computer to make tag and analyze the daily tasks completed and daily work flow simple. Activity, Applications and Tags makes the whole task and time management simpler in ManicTime. There are lot of features like mouse over give the details on the things pending, imminent things, time spent, etc.

3. Hamster - It is a simple time-tracking tool which can be use to enter and track the tasks. You can categorize and sort the tasks as you enter them. Once you are done, flagging it as complete can tell the tool to stop tracking the task. Reminders can also be set for reminding about the record which tracks your current activity every 10 minutes, for example. Hamster also lets you decide what kind of person you are in your work style - are you a regular shift person or a night shift person working in the night. It can adjust itself accordingly.

Benefits of using Time Management SOftware

Some typical benefits of using a known and popular time management software are as follows:

1. Weekly Email Summary - A report summarizing tjhe activities and productivity score.
2. Goals for the Day - Set your daily goals to help you stay on track and raise the productivity.
3. Productivity Score - Activities will be grouped into pre-defined categories and it calculates your productivity scores.
4. Track Offline Activity - There is a possibility to capture the offline activities like morning commute, phone calls, etc.
5. Daily Highlights - Prepare the highlights of the activities you have accomplished during the whole day. You will not miss any deadlines and status again using this feature.