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Time Management Tools


There are many tools and software programs available in the market today which can give us the aid to time management. The tools and programs referred hasve to be chosen effectively since the coice of right tool is necessary to do better time management and self management.

Time management tool features

Some of the features in the online time management tools and apps are as follows:

1. Tasks can be organized into projects and the big tasks can be broken into multiple interconnected sub tasks to complete them reasonably. The hierarchy can be controlled to effectively focus on the right subsection. The task management system will help you control the smaller tasks and bigger tasks with same ease.

2. You can prepare a list which will include the next actions needing your attention or action. The list is dynamic and it can change as per your location, task completion, context, etc.

3.You can setup recurring pattern for your tasks so that they can be raised again at predefined intervals and frequency.

4. Collaborate with your friends, peer, family, etc for completing the interdependent tasks.

5. Set your tasks in your inbox, soom the tasks to browse through the hierarchy of tasks, set bookmarks, filter the tasks, setup dependent tasks and complete them in the right order, email your tasks and use it for delegation, etc.

Some important Tools for Time Management

"Keep a pocket or desk diary with you. This surely beats jotting notes on scraps of paper, three-by-five cards, or paper napkins from a restaurant."
"Don't start off a call with, 'Hi, Joe. How are you?' This is an invitation to a long conversation on current events, family life, golf, vacation and so forth. A better start might be, 'Hi, Joe. I know you're busy. I have just one question.' Learn how to terminate conversations. Consider the telephone as a message machine and get off the line promptly."
"You have to ask yourself some questions. Which of your time-wasters are generated by you? Which are generated externally, by events or by other people? Of those generated externally, which could you control or at least influence? When you have answered these questions thoughtfully, you may see that in you lie both the major causes and the major solutions of your problems with wasted time. If so, you will doubtless come to this conclusion: At the heart of time management is management of self."