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Time Management Exercise


There are three simple rules which, if followed, will afford some degree of control over the way we use time, our most precious of resources.

Time Management Exercise Rule One: Take control of your desk so the work flows naturally to you. If your desk is like many, you probably haven't seen its surface in weeks, may be months. It's cluttered with an array of magazines, letters, reports, documents, printouts, memos, advertisements, and Scraps of paper that serve as reminders of the myriad of chores you should have done yesterday

Time Management Exercise Rule Two: Make the clock work for you.
Regardless of sex, sect, station or degree, the second hand moves at exactly the same speed for all of us. Those who learn to use the clock to their advantage get more accomplished in the allotted time.

Time Management Exercise Rule Three: Take control of your job assignment.
Often, it feels as though we have no control over the work we do. We're given assignments and they must be done. To some extent this is true, but we can take some degree of control over .our workload by asking ourselves a few simple questions.

Once you've mastered these three rules of time management, you must keep on top of them all the time. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it. The importance of time management was probably best stated by Peter Drucker when he said, "Nothing, perhaps, distinguishes the effective manager as the tender, loving care of time."