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Time Management Strategy


There had been a lot of discussion going around for the best strategy for effective time management tips and tricks. There could be numerous possible strategies which could be followed for a better and effective results, we have tried to compile one for your perusal.

  • Set Objectives-It is important that objectives be clearly stated and prioritized so that the means of achieving those objectives become evident.
  • Prioritize Task-Once company objectives and goals have been set, tasks can be prioritized that lead to their accomplishment. When the small business person has a break from the high-stress tasks of business, it's a good time to go through the trivial drawer and use the time for unwinding.
  • Get Organized-Personal disorganization can be disastrous to the small business person. An organized workspace and an absence of clutter can add to productivity. The phone should be within reach so that it is possible to answer it quickly and work at the same time.
  • Stop Procrastinating-Procrastinating is a major time waster in small businesses as well as in large businesses. Setting deadlines reduces procrastination. Decide to spend one or two hours each day on one job and block out this time everyday until the task is completed.
  • Block Out Time-Complete, tasks that are behind schedule or plan for tomorrow or next year. Many small-business people find that by setting aside the same hour every day they have time to plan and accomplish the tasks that are key to the success of their organizations
  • Learn to Delegate-Delegate decisions that occur often. With clear objectives and plans, recurring decisions need not take up time. Activities that the entrepreneur is not qualified to handle should also be delegated. There is no sense in spending time on tasks that cannot be done successfully

  • Plan Every Day-In order to be a successful business person and run a successful business, planning is an all-important factor. Every day must be planned, and the plan should be followed.