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Man is indeed a creature of habit. The way we spend our time is largely habitual. Most people do not really consciously think about how they are spending their time.
The way you spend your time determines how you live your life--and that is who you are. Tomorrow is connected to today just the same as today was connected to yesterday.

  • GOAL SETTING-After making an analysis of how we are presently spending our time, it should be evident as to how our lives are balanced in relationship to the various aspects which comprise our lives. These aspects include career, family, social and personal development, and spiritual goals.

  • PRIORITIES-By scheduling your time effectively through prioritizing, you learn to avoid over-committing yourself. Learning when and how to say "no" becomes important because you’re over commitment dilutes your effectiveness.

  • COMMUNICATION-communication becomes management's tool for unifying an organization's activities whereby corporate goals are achieved. Effective communication will achieve clarity, understanding, commitment and creativity.

  • PROCRASTINATION-Procrastination is a major stumbling block for almost everyone seeking to improve his use of time. There are three causes which lead to procrastination:1) unpleasantness, 2) difficult projects and 3) indecision.