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Overcoming bad habits takes time. A supervisor has to invest time in order to save time. While many of the remedies suggested are simply common sense, uncommon sense is required to combine them into a personalized time management strategy that works. Because time management principles do not apply equally to everyone, the challenge is to implement the rules principles that best fit a specific situation. The following seven steps to better time management provide a systematic basis for applying time management techniques intelligently.

  • Gain time-awareness- The first step is to undertake a critical analysis of how time is spent. Without such information, making a determination of which work habits and patterns to change is difficult.
  • Identify time robbers- From analysis of the time log, timewasters can be identified. To do this, a supervisor needs to ask himself or herself these questions:
  1. . Which timewasters stem from my own style of management?
  2.  Which timewasters are caused by others?
  3. Which can be eliminated or controlled?
  • Set goals and list priorities- From his or her list of time robbers, a supervisor

Should select five or six that he or she wants to correct and prioritize them.

  • Formu/ate action plans- Next, a supervisor needs to prepare a list of tasks necessary for goal accomplishment. Called an action plan, it acts as a map to the desired results.
  • Develop a time budget- A time budget is a personal planning tool for allocating time for specific tasks. Its function is to make time more productive and profitable through proper scheduling.
  • Apply time management principle-
    1. Divide and conquer.
    2. Concentrate on priorities.
    3. Tackle tough jobs first.
    4. Set realistic deadlines.
    5. Hold stand-up meetings.
    6. Consolidate similar tasks.
    7. Use waiting time.
  • Monitor progress- Frequent monitoring .of progress prevents a supervisor from slipping back in to bad habits and allows for corrective action.