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Time Management and Attendance


Time Management and Attendance

By managing the time and availability of the workforce efficiently, an organization can increse the business productivity and hence profits drastically. Integrating an Employee Time Management and Attendance system can help in acheiving the desired productivity changes.

Every Organization in this world, whatever the size of it maybe, needs the system or criterion to measure the time which an employee contributes towards the organizational work. The attendance system helps the management to know when an employee has started and ended the work in the day. It also indicates in which section the employee is contributing. It can also track the breaks taken and meal time taken by the employee; telling at the end to calculate the productivity of the person involved. All the time off can also be recorded properly. There are some systems and organizations which helps to track when a person is sick and when a person is coming late.

Benefits of Time Management and Attendance System

  1. It increase security within the company premises - There are Software available which captures the time and attendance along with the verification of biometric data of the person seeking entry to the premises. Hence. the software additionally help control the access to the office and other restricted areas within the office. It can also log the time in and time out along with the person trying to enter. Biometric way of doing things can eliminate the problem of buddy punching as well.
  2. Increase productivity - the effort needed in capturing the attendance and time entry by employees is higher for a company with more number of people. There is a dedicated payroll and attendance team for this. Now there are software available which can reduce the amount of time one need to spend on attendance tracking and maintenance. It can free up employees time to do something more creative and productive. The supervisors or line incharge can effectively manage the time related data of their reportees for better management of work and resources available.

Types of Attendance and Time Management Systems

1. Manual Attendance systems - These systems depend on the highly skilled people working laboriously on punching the time on the paper cards for all the people one on one. The time stamp is punched using a time stamping machine such as Bundy Clock. These machines are in regular use in the industry since more than 100 years. It is a cheaper system to maintain when the workforce is small.

2. Automated time and attendance system - These systems are highly sophisticated and they can work with tags, barcode, stripe cards, biometrics readers (including finger prints, retina scans, facial scans, etc.). Some have touch screens as well. The information which is thus recorded is digitally transferred to a computer which perform calculations and then publishes the information to the operator. The computer can automatically calculate the wages which needs to paid based on the timesheets filled by the employees. Due to automated attendance systems, the processes becomes faster and the employees become more responsible and available for more important tasks. It increases the productivity as well.