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How to Organize using Time Management


Planning is selecting among choices. Planning the use of one's time involves finding out first how it is now used, deciding how it should be used, and scheduling its proper use in the manner desired. But how is the time currently being used? Most people are not really aware of what occupies their time. There are two ways to find out where time goes: keep an appointment book or diary, or have someone observe, time and catalogue the work activity.

  • Principle of Time Analysis- Time analysis is a prerequisite to time management. Keeping a daily log of activities that records increments of 15 to 30 minutes duration over a span of not less than two weeks is essential as the basis of the analysis.
  • Principle of Daily Planning- Daily planning formulated after business hours the previous day or early before business hours on the same day, in consonance with near-term objectives and events, is essential to the effective utilization of personal time.
  • Principle of Budgeting by Priority-The time available in the work day should be budgeted for the accomplishment of those items of work that have the highest priorities.
  • Principle of Flexibility-Flexibility should be a major consideration in the selection of plans regarding the use of personal time. Stated simply: Time should not be over or under scheduled.