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Time Sheet Management


A timesheet also known as timecard is a long used method for capturing the amount of time a employee spends at the work or at any specific job. Traditionally the timesheet was a piece of paper with some tables to capture the time completed in a job or task. Nowadays, timesheet has evolved to be in the form of a digital document or excel sheet. Even the time card machines which punches the time on the card have become digital.

Why Time Sheet Management should be simple?

Well, noone wants to make the time sheet maintenance process tedious for the employees. It should not be hard enough that the employees are not able to use it effectively. It need to make the timesheet system simple and easy for employees to enter hours worked. It should also have the possiblity of adding the supporting timesheet information. The more easy and manageable the process is for employees, the more chances are there that the timesheet data is accurate and uptodate.

Benefits of Time Sheet Management Tools

The choice of organization a timesheet should be adapted as per the need of the business. It should be easy for the employees to track and change if necessary their time entries. It should be very clear in stating what need to be captured and how it needs to be captured. The employee training is also necessary for successful timecard entries. The timesheet approval process can also be customized as per the business needs. The workflow of timesheet can be customized as ber the need by client and project, routing for line, multi-level or project-based approvals, etc. There should also be the possibility of creating a new instance as well as duplicating from a previous timesheet for saving time. Vacation, timeoffs, etc. can also be tracked using the timesheets. Another major advantage of using timesheet is the use of it for maintaining the payments and invoices which needs to be raised.

Traits to see in a Timesheet Management software

1. It should match the Business Needs and there should be a possibility to set approval process of timesheets uniquely.
2. Flexible Time Entry - Ability to enter the time from anywhere - any device, offline (synced when online) or online.
3. Integrated Time Tracking for effective project management and accounting.
4. Improved Visibility and Control - The timesheet should be self service based with easy tracking for leave and vacation perspective.
5. Timesheet entry and approval process should be customizable as per business rules and needs.