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Benefits of Time Management


The value of time management lies in the fact that people have too many tasks they need to do but not enough time for the things that they want to do. Time management helps identify needs arid wants in terms of their importance and matches them with time and other, resources.

How much more productive it would be to take those same time-cost figures, make them positive, and go through the same multiplication. It can be done, but the process isn't just arithmetic. It-means setting in motion the machinery to:

  • Make each person aware of his or her own time use and provide the skills and techniques for effective time management. . Have each person share time management techniques with peers and subordinates and, if appropriate, supervisors.
  • Institute direct and combined efforts in an operation to identify interactive time wasters and work toward their elimination. In short, team up for effective time use. That's the positive multiplication, and the .most important and neglected part of time management.

If these objectives are to be met, the effort must extend beyond an individual reading about good time management, beyond even attendance at some seminar on the subject. The effort must be within the entire organization and among groups of people from all levels within the same operation, interdependent operations, or completely separate operations. Management groups on the same or different levels, as well as superior-subordinate management teams and manager-employee teams, should work together on time problems.

Identifying objectives and priorities, and the best means to reach them, often results in surprises, and the differences in perceptions must be recognized, faced and resolved. Mutual exploration of time wasting activities, their impact on others, and –agreement on their reduction are essential steps.

Such a concerted attack will make a 20 percent improvement in accomplishment; cost savings, satisfaction, and reduced stress seem conservative.

The positive multiplier effect needs people working together to team upon time. The result is a synergistic effect-two times two equals five.