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MH Awareness Month - 5 ways you can help for Mental Health Awareness


This year the month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month and it is talking about Risky Business. The core focus area are around the following risk factors:

risky sexRisky sex drug misusePrescription drug misuse
excessive spendingExcessive spending marijuana useMarijuana use
excessive exerciseToublesome exercise patterns internet addictionInternet addiction

5 ways you can help spread awareness on Mental Health

Now think on how we can help people who need help? We are asking you this question since we ourselves have struggles to find the answer to this earlier. Here are some of the besst possible ways in which we as individuals can contribute towards the removal to stigma over depression and mental health. Following these simple steps can lay the path to better and acceptable life for people who are suffering from this illness. Some of the simple steps could be increasing your own understanding, challenge the stigma if you see it around you and in addition do some of the steps below:

When someone is in Crisis, how to help

Mental issues are more spread than you ever thought. There are about 20% of world population who suffer from some kind of mental illness in their lifetime. Most of the symptoms are not visible and there are subtle signs which the suffering person shows. Keep resources handy and learn how to recognize the symptoms of danger and crisis in your loved ones and people around you.

Share Your Experiences

When someone is in crisis situation, sharing your own or someone else's story of treatment or how life is impacted by a mental health issue, can be powerful for you and others. We encourage everyone suffered/suffering from this disease anytime in life to share their stories with someone they trust, or with a licensed therapist if required.

Remove the Stigma toward mental health

Our thoughts and judgement about mental health issues and treatment often come from the upbringing and cultural influence we have. The fear of being seen as weak and mad make the person more and more reluctant for accepting the condition. How you can contribute is by challenging the stigma in your corner of the world and let the different perspective flourish instead of conventional one.

Always be healthy and fit

One of the best ways to help others is by making sure that we are fulfilling our own needs. Although it can sound selfish, but the fact remains that in order to help others you needs to be prepped up yourself both physically and mentally.

Stay connected and join the Conversation

There are many hashtags getting popular on Mental Health Awareness on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+, etc. Use these hashtags in your messages or comment. You can use the following hashtags.

  1. #mentalhealth
  2. #MentalHealthAwareness
  3. #endthestigma

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