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Let us start with understanding stress which is the natural human behavior or trait. It is the reaction of the body while experiencing changes in the things around you in the world. It is capable of changing the body as well as the moods of a person. Now if we can relate it to exam, or rather getting exam stress, this means that you are concerned about your grades and results.

If you feel concerned or stressful about sitting in exams may be you are one of 7 people out of 10 who face exam stress. You are just not alone. There are many people all of your age out there who face the same during test time or exam time.

Below are the certain factors which make you feel exam stress

1. When you feel you cannot do revision,
2. Sitting in exams room
3. Pressure from your school or family.

Stress, although an outcome of pressure, it certainly is more negative and demanding for your head.

Deal for exam stress

If you are scared and stressed about your test or exam, result must be the one bothering you a lot. This is a good sign and it can make you work and prepare extra hard for getting the expected results. If you are very much worried then stress can make you flounder and not work well in tests.

Cope up with stress of exams

  1. Take a good night sleep and sleep tight. Get your eight hours of sleep.
  2. Do some exercise which can de-stress you and your mind faster.
  3. Say no to cigarettes and alcohol.
  4. Control your breathing and take deep breath in and deep breathe out through your nostrils.
  5. Do not ponder over how the exam went or how others have performed. It is done, so, relax.
  6. Take a break at deserving times while studying.
  7. Eat balanced diet to allow your body be in correct share for the exams.
  8. If you're down stressed because of exams, talk to someone you trust. It can reduce the pressure on you.

Some tips for good exam stress handling

1. Don't work all night.
2. Take breakfast/lunch before starting, as per time of the day.
3. Know the place and avoid last minute surprises.
4. Reach at the venue earlier and allow yourself to feel relaxed in that environment.
5. Do not judge your performance with others.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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