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How Ketamine Can Be Used for the Treatment of Bipolar Disorder


What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a commonly used drug that works as an anesthetic. It works predominantly with pain relief processes. It is also noted for being distributed in prescriptions under common names like Ketanest and Ketalar.

Ketamine has been known for being useful for bipolar disorder treatments but it can also be used with a series of other types of treatments in mind. One of the best treatments involves how it may work to handle cases of bipolar disorder.

This is done in that it will control the ways how cells are able to process brain chemicals. This will help to keep the body safe and under control when dealing with this disorder.

Improved Symptoms

A recent Archives of General Psychiatry study found that people who use Ketamine have been able to get their bipolar symptoms relieved. This will be handled through the use of an injection of this material in the body.

It has been found that the symptoms of bipolar disorder can be eased about an hour after an injection is used. Also, the effect of this medication can last for a few days after the injection takes place. This may help to ease the body and to keep it from suffering from the effects of depression.

Risks of Ketamine

It should be noted that Ketamine is still a drug that might not be easy to get for the treatment of bipolar disorder. This is due to how the Ketamine might end up being abused. Many people who use this as a recreational drug will refer to it as Special K. The concerns about how people abuse this drug have made it so it will be tougher for anyone to get this to work with bipolar disorder in mind. This is a critical risk to review when trying to get this drug to work with treatments in mind.

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