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7 Ways to Deal with Difficult Family Members this Christmas


There are lot of ways in which we have celebrated the time of Christmas at our homes. You might have gathered around the fireplaces near the christmas tree and prayed together. You might be enjoying the fruitcake with the bottle of scotch and your favorite savories. Everyone’s around is in great mood depicting the enjoyment of holiday times. Then there are some old funny stories from the past which are shared by many members and asking for everyone to meet up like this once in every year and once in every month or however.

If this is not something which is a typical holiday experience - some place here or there, you are at the right place. If the time of closeness and acts defined above are missing from your family time, and it is replaced by tensions/stress, feeling of out of space, etc, yu are not alone in this big world.

The holidays does not feel happy or enjoyable if the family stories and talks are replaced by comments, words, or aggressive behaviour.

Tips for Coping with Difficult Family Members

This thing is very difficult to handle since you love each other and still can't stand the holiday time stress together. Following these simple tips will not overturn your life, but it will surely make you comfortable in handling these situations.

1. Accept how things are

First tip is to accept how the things are and accept exactly how they currently are. This the number one reason of things getting out of control at anytime in life. It is also probably the most difficult on our list. A big big chunk of your sadness comes from wanting others to change as per what you wish them to be. It is at the end will be driving you crazy. Accepting someone does not mean you like what other person is doing. You just accept this is what they are.

2. Know that nothing is personal

- Nothing is personal, it is the nature of the other person to behave and act like this. Its not about you, they are in stress and causing this stress to happen to others as well. It's their world too and they can decide how to behave and act.

3. Handle difficult people differently than others

Remember, difficult to deal with people are the most challenging ones to deal with. They can test your limits and, if they are your family members, you are the one who need to be reminded as well for different handling of difficult people.

4. Do not compare one member with another

Comparison and that too within family is a strong killer of self respect in families. Do not compare your one family member with other. Life is not perfect for anyone and all the people are struggling with something or other. Just do not complicate the things by comparism.

5. Do not solve family issues on Christmas

Holiday times are not the best time to solve the family problems and issues. The long fight with your brother or sister is not going to solve by the holiday time. Remember things are not going to change overnight.

6. Take a me time for yourself

Take some lonely time for yourself. Work pressure, social events, family etc, can all be very stressful. Remember to take a short break and resume andwork after that.

7. Take good care of your own body and mind

Take very good care of yourself. Exercise, do relaxation, follow breathing exercises, run, participate in marathon, do not overeat, drink lots of water, reduce alcohol, etc.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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