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Effects of Depression on Thinking of People


There have been quite a lot of misconception about depression and its effects on the whole gamut of mood and symptoms of our mind behavior. One of the prevalent misconception is that the affected person's mood if the one which changes. But people suffering with depression can be impacted in other ways like how they behave and how they think or concentrate.

Such type of symptoms of depression is known as cognitive symptoms of depression. This behavior related symptoms can change the person's ability to fulfill the need of the hour and achieve the goals in any sphere of life.

So how can Depression change the way a person thinks? Depression makes it tough for the person in good part of the things. It just makes them harder to believe that things can be good as well. The negativity becomes dominant in all the thinking which a person does. The negative thought process and its cycle becomes very hard to crack and comes out of.

Impact or symptoms of depression on Thinking

Person faces difficulty in making small or complex decisions in nearly all things of life.

  • There are indecisiveness and self-doubt in almost all the thinking process.
  • Person avoids situations which needs decision making
  • The thoughts are slowed down and it is tough for the person to concentrate.
  • Trouble in remembering anything
  • The person cannot concentrating
  • No social or work related activities.
  • Responsibilities at work are often missed or left
  • There is a change in personal care routine as well.

So generally speaking depression is an illness which can affect all the parts of the body (physical and emotional) which involves body, mood, and thoughts. It changes the way you eat and sleep, feel about yourself, and how you can think. People with this cannot merely get better without treatment. Only right treatment can help people with depression.

Some more changes in thinking in depression are as follows:

1. Short term memory issues are there

2. Start forgetting things all the time.

3. Presence of negative thoughts and thinking

4. Pessimism

5. Poor self-esteem

6. Excessive guilt

7. Self-criticism

8. Self-destructive thoughts

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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