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Marriage comes in Stages – The various Marriage stages


Marital relationship is the mother of all the relationships. We live or at least we have planned and acted to lead and live this relationship for substantially large part of your life. This is close to 50-60 years for the healthy individual’s relationship. In all of this half a century relation, there are many ups and downs many stages and many stories to tell. But broadly classifying, there are 7 stages by which any marriage has to go through - if they are allowed by god to lead the life up till the last stage. These 7 Stages of married life give you a laid down life-long map for success and mutually-beneficial partnership. Marriage is a dynamic and evolving relationship and it is a unique journey in itself.

The Seven Stages of marriage

The Passion Stage is the first of the stages in the beautiful relationship. Here you are just looking at each other and sex, romance, excitement, intimacy are the words to describe this stage. It can happen before marriage for some since they were cordial love birds before.

Second stage is the Realization Stage where you start to see the strengths and weaknesses of each other. In this stage, you start realizing the true nature of each other. You start to get the real sense of real each other.

The third stage is the Rebellion stage where you start becoming selfish and self interests take precedence. The power struggle begins and arguments flows freely. Start by keeping up to your promises of builds trust and confidence in each other.

The fourth stage is Mutual Cooperation. This is the stage where you have a family to rear and a life to build. You start looking at which school, which house, which car, which finance policy, etc. You are more like Business Partners doing the home business together.

The Fifth stage of reunion come after you are through with the child growing phase and you are back alone with each other in the house. The nest is empty again and you have more time for each there now. You can actually discover new of each other and start getting back the friendship and passion.

Next to come is the Explosion stage which is typically liable to occur at any stage of marriage. If there is any major crisis in life like in family, career, parenting, this stage crawls in and demands for your physical, mental and emotional well being.

The seventh and the last stage of marriage is Completion stage where there is stability, security, faith and belief in each other. You again enjoy each others company and the whole life which you have lived so far along with the family you both have created.

Sometimes crying or laughing
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