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Controlling Anger in Adults


Anger has been many people's nightmare. Thanks for the not to frequent, yet powerful bouts of anger which makes the life of people tough and uncontrollable.

Do you face a short fuse or you always ending up getting into frequent arguments and fights?

So, what is anger and why it is an issue? Anger according to experts is a very normal, often healthy emotion (but under controlled circumstances). When it becomes chronic and explosive it often spirals out of control which can be very serious and can destroy relationships, health, mind wellbeing. Can finding out the real reason of your anger helps in controlling the anger? Yes it does, in fact if you combine the reason finding with the anger management tools, you can keep your temper at bay and does not allow it to hijack your daily living.

Is Anger Good or Bad?

Often we encounter this question of anger being good or bad. I would say it is both. Obviously it is a healthy emotion; it is good for healthy lifestyle. But there has to be a limit or boundary for the same. It cannot go limitless. The feeling of anger is not the issue, whereas it is what you do when you are under the influence of anger which makes it bad and created problems. It is bound to become a problem, when it harms you or someone else.

The effects of anger ranges from damaging relationships, reduces the capacity of taking proper judgment, stops or hinders the way of success, and have a negative impact on people's perception about you making you unreliable.

How to Control Anger?

There are many things said and heard about the anger management. But the most important ones are as follows:

  1. Are you accepting that you have anger issue and you are the one who is driving everyone else crazy? Self-awareness in simple words is the ability to find out what you're feeling why if it being felt the way it is feeling. Little children generally are associated with acting without giving a thought and they just act it out in their behavior. This is the reason of tantrums they throw. The main point is adults do have capability of thinking and putting their actions and thought interdependent on each other. Self-Control is the key to thinking before acting. It puts that precious gap of few seconds or minutes between strong emotional outrage and converting it to an action which will be regretted later.
  2. Simply write down what you are feeling and your thoughts. Write down your thoughts and emotions. The reason according to experts is writing down your thoughts and feelings improves your feelings and make you feel better. You start to notice, label, and release feelings which does not allow the feelings to be bundled up and start outrageous behavior.
  3. Meditate or practice deep breathing and controlling your breath rhythm. Doing it regularly is what the key to success in this is. It also helps in doing overall stress management for you.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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