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Should you forget your past and Move On?


Is it possible to erase bad memories? Many a times, the answer we have in mind is No. The answer is in fact no. There is no need to forget about the past. Sounds like very weird and not recommended statement right?

There are ways in which you can't just erase someone from your bad memories but can also convert them to good ones and make you get the feel good factor while remembering the person. So no longer you have to ask your partner to forget the past and move on.

Some tips for making a person go away from the bad books and bring them in some better sense of presence are shown below for your reference:

  1. Laugh it loud out of your memory lane - You do not have to delete a person out of your mind. You just need to change the thoughts in your mind. Just try to shrugg it off with a heartfelt laughter thinking that you were with some person like this in your life ever. The person is not good at all, oh, it is so funny, I was with that person.
  2. This to do better this time and all the times to come. This is the pledge which you can make to yourself and then think that you deserve much better that the past you had. Thrive for the best and stop choosing the mediocre options.
  3. Do not stop the contact making thoughts. Focus your whole set of energy in rebuilding the life rather than sitting around ideally, and trying it unsuccessfully to not get any thoughts about the person any more.
  4. Just talk it off instead of getting in a box - Experience of sharing is the best anecdote for the bad memory of a person. Just start talking about your experience with the person with someone you know and then accept the loss instead of running from it. It will make you lighter and better prepared to handle the issues of past. It will not haunt anymore and also, you have shared the burden with another person and you are relieved.

Issue with trying to forget Bad Memories

What is the loss of constant thoughts about the responsible person? If you think about not thinking about them, you are bound to think about them and the end result of this is you will eventually make contact with the person.

End line on the memory lane

The scientists believe that there are some memories which can be remembered and accessed immediately, but afterwards, it disappears. So the memory storage process is dependent on the times we access the information. Old memories in your brain are highly vulnerable to being re-written each time we access them. So more the access, more the chances of its removal at the end. Sound great.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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