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How a person with depression can help himself? How a person who is near and dear one of the person who is suffering from depression? The answers are not that complicated although following them is what which makes it complicated.

Below we have captured some general tips which can help you or someone you love with depression. For the first few months, these things might seem very difficult and you might feel like moving away from them. Then as the time passes, you or the person who suffers starts getting used to them. After some time they should become the second nature of the person involved.

Moreover, remember that depression is not like an on/off disease/condition. Although these advices are very general and not specific in nature, the obvious difficulties faced by depression affected people makes it more effort prone job for them. Mentally Healthy person should not be required by doctor to follow the advices below they still are the best lifestyle advices.

  1. Do not be stressful and try to avoid stress as much as possible.  Stress raises depression vulnerability for people who are struggling to do the things normally because of depression related illnesses.
  2. Follow an Exercise and Workout Routine – Why not start morning walks across some of your most loved place. This will leave you with a right start for the day and you will well be in control of your full day. Believe me or not. Other things about workout are also important which makes it almost essential for every sufferer to follow the exercise regime. The release of serotonin which reduces stress is one of the compelling factors in going exercise.
  3. Get Sunshine from the Sun – Sun is the original source of all energy in this world. Why not go to the basics for getting the energy for it directly? Sunlight has been associated with the regulation of our metabolic cycle and it is closely associated with our sleep patterns and out body hormones. So why to ignore it, just take a walk in some nice sunlight. Do not forget the skin cream with high UV protection and your sunglasses before you sun bathe.
  4. Do things you enjoy like you did when you were child – Remember the days when you were small and used to play with small things and they made you very-very happy. The things have not changed within you deep inside. We all are the same child when it comes to the innermost happiness and desires. So Enjoy the little things in life like rain drops, sand play, running around trees, climbing on trees (if your body allows), etc. Believe me, it is a great stress reliever.
  5. Practice relaxation exercises – Follow meditation and yoga as a regular routine. They work, despite all the silly nonsense you hear and that surrounds them.
  6. Make a conscious effort to do things with pleasure – All great things start from a healthy mind. So clear your mind and do the things you are doing with sincere conscious effort to get pleasure from it. Pleasure and bliss is bound to come knocking at your door step.
  7. If you are on Meds, take appropriate dosage in Routine – DO not skip any of your medicines and remember to take it in the same dosage as recommended by your doctor.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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