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Myths and Facts about Anxiety


How many of you have ever thought that Anxiety is a big of an issue which can go away on its own? Similarly many people believed that this condition is present in people who think a lot. There are many misconception and myths which are spread for Anxiety and its effects. This is our conscious effort to answer some of the most common myths surrounding Anxiety.

If you are nervous then  only you will be anxious and become sufferer of anxiety Well, anyone can suffer from anxiety and at any point of time. In fact this is one of the most common issues related to mental health in current world. Phobia is also a type of Anxiety only.
You need sleeping pills and sedating drugs to keep anxiety at bay. A lot of times these types of medicines are suggested by medical experts. In a long run, they can cause more damage than cure. The tranquillizers can cause a person to become victim of panic attacks, in a long run. You should rely on Aromatherapy, talking therapy, exercise, massage, etc for anxiety treatment.
Panic Attack can cause your death. Although the panic attack is a severe form of traumatic experience, but it is not going to kill you. There is very little physical danger in panic attacks, if you do not have any underlying medical condition.
Worry is preventative and helpful. To some extent it is, but how much is that some, no – one can tell precisely and it can vary from person to person.
An anxiety disorder is caused because of some chemical imbalance in the brain. The causes of Anxiety are not related to some chemical imbalance. It is genetic or it can be stressful or traumatic events r some combination of all.
Anxiety is un-escapable if you have poor childhood. Well, there are many cases where people have difficult childhood they still do not suffer from anxiety disorders. Although the difficult childhood can be responsible for anxiety many times, but not always.
It will fade on its own and need no treatment The risk of suffering from depression and other mental health issue is highly increased if the Anxiety is left untreated. It is important to treat anxiety in kids and teenagers.
Cure of Anxiety is a lengthy and time consuming process – maybe in years. Well, according to experts and other first hand experience, people who opt for treatment start feeling the changes and get positive results within couple of sessions. There are self help tools which you can use at home and no expense is incurred on them.
If I have anxiety I am mad and people will think I am weird. As said earlier, there is huge chance that many people you know are already struggling with Anxiety. It is so common problem faced by people, that you will never feel you are the only one with this issue. It is common and it is manageable.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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