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Facebook and Teen Depression – How Are They Linked?


Logging Into Trouble

There are many people around the world who use Facebook on a daily basis. This highly popular social networking site has allowed all sorts of people to communicate with each other with all sorts of points in mind. However, the concern about Facebook is that there is a potential for a person to become depressed. This is what some people have led to refer to as Facebook depression.

This is a condition that especially occurs with teens in mind. It is due to how teens are generally more likely than others to use social networking sites.

Why Depression Occurs

Facebook depression will occur when a user is reading about different things that other people are doing. A user might end up becoming depressed if that person is not able to live up to the lives that other people that one knows about have. This is difficult to do because not all people will have access to the same things that could make them happy or at least communicate or compete with others.

There is also the point that depression could occur from the way how the attitudes and feelings that are used in Facebook might not be what might be experienced in the real world. This could cause a person to become depressed. This may also cause a teen to try and work harder than needed to attempt to make something that is actually unattainable something that could happen. This is regardless of how impossible it may be.

Bullying is a Problem

There is also the concern about cyberbullying on social media sites. There are concerns that teens can be easily bullied by a number of people on different places like Facebook. This could cause a person to become depressed if this gets to be very serious. This is a very legitimate problem for anyone to consider with regards to how teen depression is going to be handled.

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