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Human Psycology has been long studied by people of all regions and locations. Broadly speaking Psychology is the study, and mostly scientific, of human mind and its functioning. It also studies the factors and patterns affecting the persons behaviour in a given situation or context.

When we talk about the Man, we can define him as an adult male human being.

Do we really need to explain what is the meaning of sex - still for the sake of the article, sex is defined as the sexual activity, which includes but not limited to sexual intercourse.

Now lets put all the above defined terms together - how would you define the Sex Psychology in Men? Complex isn't it. So what is the connection or mixture which is making these words sounding complex?

According to the experts, there are reasons because of which men are having a playful nature when it comes to dreaming about mating or having sex with multiple parners. Does it sound very similar, then you are really upto the research. The reason lies in the lower minimum parental investment, because of which men achieves greater reproductive success by sleeping with multiple women as compared to what women can achieve. There was a classic scientific study conducted with college students.

In that study, when Under Graduate students were approached on campus by opposite-sex people and asked if they wanted to have sex with him/her, whopping 75% men said Yes, while 0% women said yes. This trend is so common all across globe. It is shown in many scientific studies that across cultures, men has higher openness to casualsex , a higher degree desire for number of sexual partners more desire to have sex as soon as possible in a relationship.

These sexual behaviour of men or their sex psychology is reliably shown same across various studies and methodologies.

There is a Sexual Strategies Theory which has been laid by David Buss and David Schmitt. This theory shows that men have very much different sexual strategies in a given circumstance as compared to women. There are so called gender differences and social theories such as stigma, socialization, and double standards behind the differences in the opinion of men towards sex.

Here is how you would like to do to get the men attracted towards you and not be a sexual wanderer in the world like they had been during the stone age times.

1. Give your man a job.
Ask him to fix or build something just for you and mention you cannot do it. This will ensure that he has been bonding well to raise his sense of success.

2. Take and ask for his opinion.
Any question and he will be opening up his problem solving box along with his heart for you.

3. Just wear soft materials such as rayon, silk, and fur.
These things are bound to accentuate your softer, feminine nature, which raises his amorous instincts, hence very satisfying for him.

4. Respect his own private space.
Do not jump in his space and start interrogation. It is a huge symbol of independence to him.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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