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Combine Alternative and Conventional Therapies for Treatment of Sleeping Disorders


What is Complementary medicine?

Complementary Medicine is the name given to the technique of combining the use of alternative therapies with conventional medicine for the disorders like sleep disorders. Like mixing sleep pills with aromatherapy. Alternative medicine on one hand refers to using alternative therapies for treatment of sleep problems instead of using conventional medicines. Like using the diet planned for sleep instead of going for a drug based solution. There is yet another form of treatment called Integrative medicine, the definition of which can be left for another article.

While many people use alternative or complementary medicine to address chronic sleep deprivation issues, the things which are considered conventional in some part of the world may not be conventional but alternative in another part of world. Tai chi is considered as an alterative therapy in Western world, it is regarded as conventional treatment option in China.

Typical combination of Conventional and Alternative Cure for Sleep Issues

- Chinese herbs combined with Alternative medical treatment options like acupuncture and acupressure can reduce the wake up time and induces good quality sleep. This is achieved by regulation of production of Melatonin (Responsible for body clock regulation).

- Similarly combining the herbs with auricular acupressure (Stimulation of ear) improves the sleep patterns of sleep deprived individuals.

- The combination of Yoga, meditation, hypnosis, etc, with different conventional sources of sleep inducing pills can reduce the dependency.

Word of Caution for the Combination Treatment Option

Alternative or Herbal treatments or medicines, if mixed with the conventional sources of medicines like drugs and pills can be a high risk to your health. Simply speaking these two medicines cannot go hand in hand together and can cause dangerous side effects. Unwanted side effects can be started by taking supplements with drugs.

According to expert research, serious risks are present when natural products such as ginger which lowers the blood pressure by thinning blood can interfere with functioning of Aspirin, which is recommended for heart attack issues.

What’s the Bottom Line?

You can combine the conventional and alternative treatments but with a pinch of change. Do not mix drugs with any herbal medicines. You can pick up Aromatherapy, CBT, Hypnotherapy, etc. as some of the options which can be combined with drugs.

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