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One hospital in the city had a person aged 26 years suffering from insomnia. He would sleep just for a week and for the next one and a half to two months, he would have difficulty falling asleep. The reason diagnosed for this was more out of anxiety of being jobless, financially strained and being left out in love.

In another hospital, it was reported of a person suffering from Viral meningitis could not sleep due to the effect of medicine (antibiotics) administered on him. Cases have been reported of persons travel who abroad have come back to india complaining of health problems one of them being sleepless nights. They are prescribed sleeping tablets.

In another interesting case a lady 58 years of age has a sleeping disorder. The reason was attributed to her dwarfed 27-year old daughter.

A 65-year old person has been suffering from insomnia and has been taking sleeping tablets for nearly 30 years. He was prescribed sleeping tablets when his son died very young. The dose increased when he underwent his brain surgery few years back. He still continuous to take 4-5 tablets at night.

Aromatherapy for Insomnia Know about various essential oils used in treating Insomnia.

Tempurpedic Mattresses

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I have just learnt about the possible cause of this suffering on me and am going to correct the situiation. - Phillip o. juma

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