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21 Tips for Too much sleep


Sleep troubles is not always in one direction – sleep deprivation. It can be other way round, i.e. too much sleep. If this is happening occasionally, it is very common. The hectic schedules, constant deadlines and deliverables had made the life very stressful. You tend to lose sleep over the weeks and complete the sleep during weekends. That’s why occasional excess sleep is good for health in some ways. But of it is happening every now and then with no reason to support it, you might be in trouble with sleep disorder. Opt for the tips below if you are one such person who can just always sleep tight.

  1. Don’t put the blame of your sleep on the age factor
  2. Start working with your teenager night owl
  3. Check about the disorder – Kleine-Levin Syndrome
  4. Take a letter defining the condition you have from your physician. It will help you in convincing others about your situation and condition.
  5. If you have interrupted sleep, check for other symptoms as well
  6. Check yourself for sleep apnea
  7. If they don’t wake up, call a doctor. This can be a sign of disease which need emergency medical attention.
  8. Check if you are sleep deprived
  9. Do you ever had your sleepiness evaluated by doctor
  10. Check your teen also for this disease if he/she has excess sleep
  11. Get extra sleep during periods is normal. It can wear you out
  12. Sudden episodes of weakness should also be checked with doctor
  13. If sleep apnea treatment does not cure you, it can be a sign of Narcolepsy or other excess sleep disorder
  14. Daytime sleepiness and night time paralysis episodes can be attributed to Narcolepsy
  15. Hallucinations and sleepiness together also points to Narcolepsy
  16. Keep a tab on your sleep time and wakeup time if you are diagnosed with Narcolepsy
  17. Check with your doctor for pharmaceutical treatment for Narcolepsy
  18. You need to perform a sleep study if you suspect Narcolepsy
  19. Check about Idiopathic Hypersomnia
  20. Sudden uncontrollable sleepiness can also be sign of Narcolepsy. Check for this
  21. It’s fine if you cannot stay awake late in the night as you grow old

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