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Sleep at the wrong time of the day?


Going out of sync with your circadian rhythm is the definition of the wrong sleeping time. If you are not able to sleep in the night due to disorder, travelling job, work pressure, night job, etc. you might be falling in this category. It consists of all the night shift staff, people who drive interstate for the needs of goods delivery, flight/transport staff, medical service professionals, etc. There might be a possibility of changes in your own circadian rhythm due to some disorder. It can change definitely due to time zone changes. There can be many reasons, but you can follow the points below for such situation.

  1. Have a emergency response plan for the elderly
  2. Try to keep up the same schedule
  3. Rotating shifts has huge impact on your schedule and lifestyle. Consider these changes in your sleep when you are in for a shift change
  4. New mothers should ask for help from others
  5. Change your sound exposure
  6. Watch out for unexplained or explained weight gain or weight loss
  7. You can be benefited by evening light if you need to delay your sleep
  8. Check for Melatonin
  9. Allow yourself adequate time to sleep
  10. Sleep when the baby sleeps
  11. Opt for Light Therapy if needed
  12. Share the care giving responsibilities
  13. Change your light exposure

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